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New Features

Overview of the latest features available.
3d graphics engine
logo azo Recent advances include integration of an advanced real-time 3D graphics engineWild Magic. Wild Magic is an open source rendering engine developed by Geometric Tools, LLC and version 4.8 enables the display of superior graphics in addition to a number of visual qualities such as reflections, water effects, volume fog, lighting, complex shaders and alpha channel transparency, to name a few.
avatars title
rad tools logo The Worlds player and the graphic engine, Wild
Magic, are adapted to display avatars using
RAD Game Tools' character animation
applicationGranny 3D.
Granny 3D logo Granny 3D offers a uniquely powerful character animation system. Many of the benefits of these next generation avatars are available now or soon to World’s members: Advanced Shaders Layered Geometry Normal Mapping Ragdoll Physics LOD Scalabilityanimations/textures Complex, Efficient Animation
Worlds Player title

Shared State–The Worlds player enables shared state for mesh objects. Shared state allows other users to see dynamic changes to objects that have this property activated so that when a ball is ‘kicked’ all users present will see this action. This feature creats opportunity for enhanced social interaction and game play.

Inventory– Inventory allows users to trade items or be ‘awarded’ items and provides the foundation for the installation of an ‘in Worlds’ currency. Currency and tradable items will make unique features available to Worlds Members such as special/hidden rooms, videos and music.