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1: a unified body of individuals: an interacting population of various kinds of individuals or a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society linked by a common policy or a joint ownership or participation for the common good. Hz divider Hz divider Hz divider
Worlds is a 3D social community committed to contributing a portion of revenues generated by our users to socially responsible charitable organizations and bringing together users who believe in their ability to contribute by becoming active members of our Worlds.

Worlds is building a 3D Network of multiple demographic communities. These virtual communities will be built by Worlds and our members, as we expand our user created Worlds we will be directing these developments toward the creation of 3D charitable communities built and supported by our members to further the goals of each of the respective charitable groups we are associated with.

Worlds has committed to contribute a portion of our revenue toward customer selected social causes. As part of the registration process a customer will decide what charitable cause they would like to support. This requirement will proactively direct the Worlds user to participate in building a better world. Their name will be entered into a charitable contribution list available on which will post the daily amount of contributions generated by our VIP memberships, virtual ecommerce and advertising.

It is the purpose of our online community to not only form a cohesive personal bond with other members but to also build, with our tools, Worlds for and on behalf of others who have socially responsible organizations affiliated with Worlds.

Through this process we can together build a better world.
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Our inaugural charter organizations will consist of:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Sierra Club
  • Greenpeace
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Conservation International
  • Environmental defense
  • The Wilderness society
  • The Climate Trust
  • Climate Institute
  • New American Dream
  • Campaign for Americas Wilderness
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Worlds will be engaged with these organizations in the development of 3D Worlds for each group's web site and a promotional effort to make their members aware of the online community and the ability to communicate and collaborate with their worldwide contributors and members.